Friday, July 1, 2011

Pics as promised.

I think I can actually figure out how to upload pictures now. Ok, let's give this a shot.

This is the tank in a full view. I try to go for a natural look where possible, and would have all natural plants if I could afford it. As is, there are several live plants in.

This is Clyde, the male. He stands still for pictures well

This is Bonnie, the female. She stands still well, but only at the back of the tank where I cannot well photograph her. She is significantly prettier than this picture suggests.

On a related note, photographing fish is remarkably difficult. The environment is frequently dim, but the fish frequently move very quickly. As such, it is very difficult to get a non-blurred photo of a fish. For context, this is what my camera can do under the same circumstances with a stable target:
This is Roomba, my albino mystery snail. Being a snail means he isn't constantly twitching about, so a good, stable picture is possible. Fish are just uncooperative.

Everyone still seems to be in decent shape for the move/move-in. Hopefully things will stay good.


  1. Fish are a pain in the butt to photograph. If you have the option on your camera, set it to the close up setting (usually the icon is a little flower), turn on the flash. Take a few pictures of plants or rocks or the snail so as to figure out the right angle to hold the camera at so the flash will penetrate the glass and highlight the fish. Lurk patiently waiting for a fish to hold still for just a fish have a tendancy to run away when I show up with the camera, tis annoying.

  2. Meh... It's not any easier underwater, trust me... :-) The aquarium looks nice though!

  3. Ruth; I've heard that flash on camera's can damage fish eyes pretty severely, so I tend to avoid using it where possible. Otherwise that's pretty much what I do.

    Old NFO; I've wanted to get an underwater camera and go down to the Gulf or Bahamas and try to get some good underwater pics for a while now. Shame fish don't seem to like cooperating. And thanks, I think the fish like it too.

  4. Could be though thats the first I've heard of it, it wouldn't surprise me though now that I think of it.