Thursday, May 19, 2011

Politics is Irrelevant

At least, as far as the recent events concerning the Coalition to Stop Gun Violence (CSGV) are concerned. They have repeatedly engaged in ad hominem attacks against people of different opinions, threatened them through their children, and exposed personal information about these people. (For those of you who find yourself shocked at the lines from Tango's post, see if they are a little more tolerable quoted properly and in context)

I would link to the original offenses by CSGV, but Twitter has suspended their account on account of violation of the terms and service agreements concerning personal information.

Regardless of what you think about the gun issue as a whole, or are liberal or conservative, don't support, give heed to, or otherwise give legitimacy to CSGV. Their tactics are inherently offensive. Attacking a father through his child, attempting to damage a man by removing his reasonable screen of privacy, and commenting on anything unrelated to the issue at hand is no way to have any form of discourse.

The Brady Campaign supports CSGV, and has engaged in similar behaviors in the past. I would urge you to consider removing them from any position of credibility in your personal life.

This post (unlike others) is not meant to convince anyone to any side of any political issue. This is merely an appeal to the reasoning side of people to not tolerate behaviors like this in any debate or discussion sphere. This extends to any group that engages in these behaviors, on any side of any issue. Let's have discussion, not attacks. This is all the more important in emotionally charged issues.

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