Monday, May 23, 2011


Time again for a few blogroll updates. First, additions:

Chris Ex Machina - Brother of LawDog, proving that there's something in the family. Often amusing, frequently quotable, and "Bureau of Coal, Petroleum and Citrus Fruit." For context, make with the clicky.

SnarkyBytes - Alan excels at short, pithy posts about interesting topics. He is also responsible for the podcast Vicious Circle, which may or may not be a point in his favor.

The Smallest Minority - Kevin Baker posts some of the best thought out and researched pieces on a wide range of political topics available online. Go read. You will come away having learned something.

Tractor Tracks - Farmgirl posts on an eclectic abundance of topics, and is consistently entertaining. She keeps fish too, which is rather a plus.

VolkStudio Blog - Oleg Volk, photographer extraordinaire and gun rights activist. He consistently has some of the best photos of any kind I have seen, and is unmatched in firearms pictures.

Weer'd World - Weer'd Beard writes by and large about whatever happens to catch his fancy at the time, mostly in entertaining manners. More substantial material consists of fisks of anti-rights statements/interviews, and more importantly the "Gun-Death?"archive, which seeks to highlight the ridiculous nature of the "gun death" statistic by pointing out the murders that seem to not matter to anti-gunners on account of not having been committed with a gun.

I also have to take a blog off the blogroll, as it hasn't been updated in four months, and is unlikely to see its start again. If Xavier Thoughts resumes posting, he will be restored to the blogroll. Until then, the blogroll stands.

In other news, I graduate a week from Saturday. That is really weird. Heading down to the University of Texas at Dallas in the fall, which should be a good time.

That's all for now.

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