Monday, June 6, 2011

Now what?

So, I went and graduated high school on Saturday. I now have two rooms worth of stuff in one room, trying to unpack, sort, etc. It seems slightly absurd, especially with the need to repack most of it to head down to Texas in a few months.

Already being at home seems a little odd, especially with the nagging feeling that I still need to go back to class in a few days. Also of annoyance is the bit where no one wants to hear about the history of sails anymore. It really is a fascinating topic. On that note, depending on whether I feel like it or not, this may be the site of some assorted ramblings about interesting (to me) topics. Whether or not I follow through remains to be seen.

The new range needs to open. I have a Mosin Nagant that desperately needs firing.

I may head over to the river soon to see whether it actually has fish in it. Here's hoping.

That's all for now. I have more time to post now, so y'all may here from me more often now. Maybe I can actually pull off daily posting for a month.


  1. How the hell did you get a Mosin Nagant? Does it have a scope?

  2. AIM Surplus has them cheap. No scope, though I found a mount that can be mounted with no permanent mods to the rifle. I may have to try that once I have some experience with the iron sights.